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The Benefits of the Eucharist

Perhaps if Catholics understood the benefits of the Eucharist, they would not dabble in other religions. There are many fruits or spiritual benefits from the reception of the Eucharist. These are as follows:

  • An intimate union with Christ

  • An increase in sanctifying grace.

  • Forgiveness of venial sins

  • Preservation from mortal sin

  • Reception of the special grace of Holy Communion, which is an increase in the supernatural virtue of charity

We also receive the bodily effects of Holy Communion. These are a corporal union with Christ, the weakening of concupiscence, through a growing mastery of the passions, and an increase of one’s title to eternal happiness after the resurrection of the body in heavenly glory. Of course, these effects depend upon the disposition of the recipient. (The Question & Answer Catechism by John Hardon, p.259,260) and (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #l392-l396)

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