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So many clergy and lay, do not recognize the deception of New Age practices and can easily fall victim as they look for alternative forms of spirituality, enlightenment or good health. Moira Noonan has done a great service for the Church in unmasking the Devil and revealing the truth. People really need to be aware of the many ways the Devil seeks to lead people astray from the Lord Jesus Christ.  - Rev. Dr. Peter B. Coughlin, National Director for Charismatic Renewal Canada

...The Authors
- Moira Noonan, O.S.B. Oblate
In 1993, after a series of powerful conversion experiences, she returned to the Catholic Church, and is now an international speaker in the Christian Community, witnessing, evangelizing, and explaining the deeper meaning and influences of the New Age Movement.

- Anne Feaster
A catholic freelance writer and speaker on dangers of the New Age Movement. Anne in the early 1990's, was led by the Holy Spirit to begin a ministry to warn others of the New Age Movement.

Spiritual Deceptions in the Church and the Culture

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